The short: We collect and clean public data for you, so you don't have to.


The long: It is the data holding Data Scientists back, not the science.
As reported by Forbes, Data Scientists persistently experience the preparation of data as the most time consuming part of their work.


We fix that.


To speed you up, we offer you automatically cleansed and standardized data from the cloud to anywhere over internet. We also offer you expert data stewardship for your mission critical operational analytics.


Browse our data catalogue and order it from us.
Our data answers to the where, the when, the why... the people, the places, weather, statistics, forecasts, predictions, history.


We provided a selection of datasets wide and long for the CLOUD BI BATTLE 2017
and were exhibiting our Data-as-a-Service offering in SLUSH 2016.



In case you want to know where the young/middle-aged/old are, where men/women are, where people of certain income classes are, where workplaces are, information by postalcode gives you answers to that.


We have weather (both observed and predicted) and traffic - in case you are in a hurry or have merchandise that suffers from delays, heat, cold, you would benefit from the streaming weather data we provide.

Master data

Since our business is built on standardizing, cleaning and collecting data, consider getting data cleansing as a service from us for your organization's central master data.


1. Find the data you want by browsing our offering.

2. Follow the instructions at our store.

3. If you have any data needs not covered by our current store offering, contact us.



Our PhD data sommelier and CEO loves munging data and will evangelize endlessly about its utilization.
Pouring beer into him will only make things worse.

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Our CTO codes like the Flash runs and conducts the cluster orchestra with reckless abandon.
Pouring beer into him will only make things worse.

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Our Captain Hadoop automates everything and given time, maybe himself.
Pouring beer into him will only make things worse.

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