No data, no AI. Crap data, crap AI.
That is why we collect, clean and publish data for you, so you don't have to.


See how to download data from us with one click in this short video:


The long version:
It is the data holding AI and Data Science back, not the science.
As reported by [Forbes], Data Scientists [persistently] experience the preparation of data as the most time consuming part of their work.


We fix that.


To speed you up, we offer you automatically cleansed and standardized data from the cloud to anywhere over internet. We also offer you expert data publishing and stewardship for your mission critical operational analytics with our automated platform.


Go to our [data catalogue], sign up and download datasets for free.
Our data answers to the where, the when, the why... the people, the places, weather, statistics, forecasts, predictions, history.


For Data Scientists

Data catalogue with a dataset search.
Automatically generated data audits and key figures for all columns of all datasets.
Source data standardization and tagging, one click data samples with an interactive online data explorer for all datasets.
Compatibility with the most commonly used tools and programming languages.

For Data Engineers

Data sourcing from different types of sources in a multitude of formats with automated data quality checks and type conversions. Data delivery with user access authorization via multiple channels and formats to support external data utilization for multiple user groups.

For Data Publishers

Open your valuable data asset to the public. Start monetizing and publishing your diverse data sources, whether private or open, via our well-defined, secure, industry standard APIs. Change your complex and expensive custom backend to our feature-rich and cost-efficient cloud data publishing service today.


1. Free tier

You can download datasets in csv format for free by signing in to our [data store]. After sign in go to the dataset table page and click on the Download button to get a copy of the dataset.

2. Enterprise access

[Contact us] for options for direct access to our data asset with your favorite analysis tools or plugging in our entire data asset directly to your corporate data lake. Pricing from 199 per month for 5 users.



Our PhD data sommelier and CEO loves munging data and will evangelize endlessly about its utilization.
Pouring beer into him will only make things worse.

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Our CTO codes like the Flash runs and conducts the cluster orchestra with reckless abandon.
Pouring beer into him will only make things worse.

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Our Captain Hadoop automates everything and given time, maybe himself.
Pouring beer into him will only make things worse.

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